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The MILK desk was designed to give you a customizable workspace, in a smart and stylish... more
Product information "HOLMRIS MILK Mini desk"

The MILK desk was designed to give you a customizable workspace, in a smart and stylish way;

a workspace to feed your mind and body.

MILK Mini is available in two fixed heights, making it simpler but still adaptive to your needs, whichever version you choose. With a smaller footprint but offering the same storage and cord management solutions as the original MILK Classic, the MILK Mini proves smaller isn't about lesser, just economic in scale.

It has half the calories with the same great taste. MILK Mini is a slimmer version of it's predecessor offering a simple solution for those who have a smaller workspace.

It's grade A all the way. The ideal desk.
MILK Mini is designed to feed your body and mind by giving you a smart, stylish workspace.

The design of your desk is up to you
It's just like ordering for a half-caf double frappuccino. What your MILK desk is designed to do is entirely up to you.
Choose from different options to suit your style, space and work pace.

• Available in high gloss or matt white finish
• Low or high version
• Frame and stand in white lacquer
• Top lids in black, white, purple or brushed aluminum
• Cable tray included
• Custom color on tabletop (extra fee, please contact us)

Accessories (available separately):
• Toolbox
• Fish tank
• Paper bin
• Set of extra Top lids (3 pcs.)

Søren Rose

Manufactured by:

• 2 years limited warranty on the table

codesks.com/Level 16 GmbH is an Authorized Dealer of the HOLMRIS Collection.
MILK desk is licensed and manufactured by HOLMRIS in Denmark.

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Available downloads:

Cables can be carried from one compartment to another.
Compartment bases in black felt.

• 2 compartments
• Notebook storage
• Cable outlets
• One size cable tray included

Cable tray:
• Sockets etc. can be placed in the cable tray
• Cable tray included

- 120 x 47 x 73 cm (47.24" x 18.5" x 28.74")

- 120 x 47 x 109 cm (47.24" x 18.5" x 42.91")

Fixed height:
73 cm or 109 cm

• 60 mm MDF
• Available in high gloss and matt finish

Accessories (available separately):
• Toolbox

• Fish tank
• Paper bin
• Set of extra Top lids (3 pcs.)

The designer - Søren Rose
Running his own design studio has been a life long dream. In his earlier years, he started companies for which he worked as the Creative Director (In2media), now one of Scandinavia’s leading web agencies; and Trunk Archive, today’s premier photographer archive that was recently sold to investors. These very different ventures have taught him a lot about niches, branding and running a business.

In 2008 he decided not to be involved with the daily operations of these companies, and to fully dedicate himself to starting a design agency. He spring loaded the Studio’s start by launching the MILK table. It received overwhelming acclaim from both clients and press, so with several full sketchbooks in hand, he jumped into this awesome industry.

"The desks’ lamborghini"
— Berlingske (Danish National Newspaper)

"It’s every Mac user’s dream…a desk that looks like it’s custom built by Steve Jobs himself"
— workified

"The MILK table. A beautiful and more clinical height-adjustable table is hard to find"

"MILK Desk is an avant-garde work place you can dream of"
— luxurylaunches

"MILK Redefines The Perfect Desk"
— inventorspot

"The MILK Desk: Designed for Your Mac"
— apartmenttherapy

"MILK is the Desk Dreams are Made of"
— Gizmodo

and many many more...