HOLMRIS MILK desk Classic

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  • 7500-2020
The MILK desk was designed to give you a customizable workspace, in a smart and stylish... more
Product information "HOLMRIS MILK desk Classic"

The MILK desk was designed to give you a customizable workspace, in a smart and stylish way;

a workspace to feed your mind and body.

MILK Classic was born from a need. It was impossible to find a desk that could accommodate a crisp Apple MacBook Pro, something that would work with the clean aluminum design of the computer in a time where most height-adjustable tables looked like hospital beds.

Whether you sit up, slump down, or stand and tap your toes while working, imagine a desk to fit your state of mind and body. The height-adjustable MILK desk is ergonomic and responsive which helps conserve your energy for the important stuff. And with 4 built-in compartments to hold your pens and clips and discrete cord management system, the MILK Classic is the design world's answer to whistling while you work.

It's grade A all the way. The ideal desk.
MILK Classic is designed to feed your body and mind by giving you a smart, stylish workspace that adjusts to your every need.

The design of your desk is up to you
It's just like ordering a half-caf double frappuccino. What your MILK desk is designed to do is entirely up to you.

Choose from different options to suit your style, space, and work pace.

• Available in high gloss or matt white finish
• With an adjustable electrical column
• Stand and base in aluminum lacquer
• Top lids in white acrylic or brushed aluminum
• Low cable tray 
• Custom color on the tabletop (extra fee, please contact us)

Accessories (available separately):
• Toolbox

• Fishtank
• Set of extra Top lids (6 pcs.)

Søren Rose

Manufactured by:

• 2 years limited warranty on the table
• 5 years limited warranty on the electrical column

codesks.com/Level 16 GmbH is an Authorized Dealer of the HOLMRIS Collection.
MILK desk is licensed and manufactured by HOLMRIS in Denmark.

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