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We all stand around for long periods of time throughout a normal working day, whether we are... more
Product information "Anti fatigue Mat | Standing Desk Floor Mat"

We all stand around for long periods of time throughout a normal working day, whether we are cooking away in the kitchen or standing at our office desk. The issue with standing for hours and hours at a time on a hard surface is that the muscles in your legs are forced to remain static. Having to keep your legs still for too long exhausts you and is terrible for your circulatory system.

The Anti-Fatigue Mat is made from soft, flexible material that prevents the muscle in your legs from staying contracted for an extended period of time. Instead, the muscles in your legs will contract and expand in order to adjust to the flexible material of the Anti-Fatigue Mat. These micro-movements help promote good circulation and prevent exhaustion.

Baltic Livings anti-fatigue mat has been tested and proven to increase blood flow and provide considerable long lasting relief to feet, ankles, knees, hips, and backs.

Give your legs, knees and feet a rest! Using the Baltic Living floor mat you will actively reduced pressure to your body from standing by up to 45%. Extra thick padding will provide long lasting relief, eliminating strain and fatigue on joints.

The anti-fatigue mat can be used on any flooring including tiles, carpet and wooden surfaces. The grooved underside prevents the mat from slipping and sliding. Place it in the kitchen, office, bathroom and more.

The sleek and sophisticated black colour design looks great in any home or work space. It has a modern style and is shipped flat so it is prime condition with no rolls or wrinkles.

Made from premium quality phthalate free materials that can withstand frequent use. Materials used are eco-friendly and waterproof making cleaning a breeze. Bevelled edges help reduce risk of tripping and the textured surface provides good grip for feet.

100 cm x 51 cm x 2 cm

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Product benefits:
• TUV testing has shown the mat helps health blood circulation resulting in long lasting relief of pressure, eliminating strain and fatigue on joints. 
• Place on ANY flooring; tiles, carpet and wooden surfaces
• Multi-use for home (kitchen, garage, laundry) and work place (standing desk) 
• Easily movable to different spots in the home and office
• Sleek black colour design to match most decors
• Waterproof making cleaning a breeze
• Eco-friendly, non-toxic phthalate free, meaning no horrible odours and safe for everyone to use
• Durable top quality material made to endure frequent use
• Bevelled edges preventing falls
• Ultra-grip textured surface to prevent tripping
• Grooved underside is non-slip and keeps mat firmly in place on any surface
• Extra thick cushioning is soft yet firm on your feet to keep you stable when standing and will not compress or break down over time