The be-here-now approach

Taking a be-here-now approach to the design and management of your literal and virtual desktops will contribute to stress relief and improved effectiveness at work. Your ideal way to the be-here-now approach - The MILK desk! 

Adjust your desk to your every need
Imagine a desk to fit your state of mind and body. The height adjustable MILK desk is ergonomic and responsive which helps conserve your energy for the important stuff.

With using a standing workstation, you will make a move toward improving your health. Research confirmed that sitting for long periods is linked with health problems, including obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.

The height adjustable MILK desk is the design world's answer to whistling while you work. It easily adapts to your needs and supports your health.

Reduce or eliminate clutter on your desktop
Clutter on the desktop is a big problem, because piles of paper and stacks of files block the free movement of "chi," or energy, through the workspace, effectively blocking you from achieving your goals.

Surrounding yourself with physical representations of all the things you have to do (articles to read, reports to edit, documents to file), not to mention all the things you take care of (the photo of your sailboat, your notebook, and electronic gadgets), can be extremely unproductive.

The more your horizontal surface is clear in front of you, the more opportunity you have to promote your creativity. The MILK desk supports this approach with up to four integrated compartments and a built-in slot along the front edge - and it also hides all your cables...

Reduce or eliminate cables on your desktop
Bluetooth technology enables you to use the most of your peripherals on your desktop, like your keyboard and mouse, your graphic tablet, your speakers and more, without cables. Additionally, you can use some helpful lifehacker techniques, like shorten lengthy cables, get under-desk cables off the floor with a wire basket, or use induction chargers for your gadgets.

Ideally, your desk offers a cable tray to hide away all power cables and offers a hidden multiple socket outlet to get rid of the main power cables. With an integrated cord management system to invisibly connect your peripherals to your computer or to your power adapters, and integrated compartments to hide away gadgets that you don’t need at the moment, your path to a nearly perfectly cable-free desktop is clear.

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