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The MILK desk was designed to give you a customizable workspace, in a smart and stylish... more
Product information "HOLMRIS 4MILK desk"

The MILK desk was designed to give you a customizable workspace, in a smart and stylish way;

a workspace to feed your mind and body.

4MILK was born from a need. It was impossible to find a desk that could accommodate more than one crisp Apple®.

For teamwork and building consensus, the 4MILK provides a work station for up to 4 collaborators. The height adjustable 4MILK desk is ergonomic and responsive to help focus energy on the important tasks. And with built-in compartments for storing pens and knick-knacks and hidden cord management system, the 4MILK provides a clean canvas for ideas and discussions.

It's the cream of the crop for those on their way to the top. The 4MILK desk provides the perfect workspace for teams of two, three and even four to work together and achieve more.

It's grade A all the way. The ideal desk.
MILK Grande is designed to feed your body and mind by giving you a smart, stylish workspace that adjusts to your every need.

The design of your desk is up to you
It's just like ordering for a half-caf double frappuccino. What your MILK desk is designed to do is entirely up to you.
Choose from different options to suit your style, space and work pace.

• Available in high gloss or matt white finish
• With/without an adjustable electrical column
• Stand and base available in aluminum or white lacquer
• Top lids in black, white, purple or brushed aluminum
• Two low or high cable trays 
• Custom color on tabletop (extra fee, please contact us)

Accessories (available separately):
• Toolbox

• Fish tank
• Paper bin
• Set of extra Top lids (5 pcs.)

Søren Rose

Manufactured by:

• 2 years limited warranty on the table
• 5 years limited warranty on the electrical column

codesks.com/Level 16 GmbH is an Authorized Dealer for the Holmris Collection.
All products are licensed and manufactured in Denmark.

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Available downloads:

Cables can be carried from one compartment to another.
Compartment bases in black felt for compartments 16x16 cm and 16x11 cm.

• 4 compartments
• Notebook storage
• Cable outlets
• 2 cable trays (low or high)
• Height adjustable electrical column

Cable trays:
• Sockets etc. can be placed in the cable trays
• The low cable tray is flush with underside of top
• The high cable tray is 6 cm deeper

130 x 130 x 73 - 123 cm (51.1" x 51,1" x 28.74" - 48.43")

Fixed height:
71 cm

Adjustable height (only with electrical height adjustment):
Up to 123 cm

• 60 mm MDF
• Available in high gloss and matt finish

Accessories (available separately):
• Toolbox
• Fish tank
• Paper bin
• Set of extra Top lids (5 pcs.)

To say this desk is compatible is an understatement. This is love!
Inspired by the same desire for simple form and smart function.

With built-in covered compartments to contain your workspace tools, the MILK desk is the design world's answer to whistling while you work. The compartments are connected to the discrete cord management system and double as charging stations to hide your devices, such as your iPhone, to clear your desk further.

These innovative compartments also serve as a place for a fish tank, pen holder, trash bin and storage box.
The top lids to close the compartments are available in black, white, purple and brushed aluminum.

Discrete Cord Management
The MILK desk is designed for a cable-free desktop in every way - its cable tray hides clutter and the hidden compartments hide away your cords and gadgets. The built-in slot along the front edge features a hidden cable cutout and is connected to the discrete cord management system.

Cable exits have been created in the desk to bundle the cables together and keep them hidden under the table in the cable tray. All of the desk's cable cutouts (the cable exits on the surface and one inside each of the desk’s compartments) lead into the discrete cord management system and then into the cable tray.

The power cable exits from the top of the base behind the central column and is the only visible wiring, making the desk perfect for those who want a desk (or multiple ones) in the middle of the office rather than against the wall.

File it under smart
It features a built-in slot along the front edge (on the right side of the desk) for your active paper files or your laptop/tablet. With a hidden cable cutout connected to the discrete cord management system there is always power for your electronic devices.

MILK - a desk that likes to work too. With all it’s features, the MILK desk actively helps to remove clutter on the desktop. And the more your horizontal surface is clear in front of you, the more opportunity you have to promote your creativity.

Height adjustable
With the touch of a button, the desk silently raises the height from 73-123 cm to the required position. The top of the table is supported on a single pedestal, which is placed at a distance to provide ample leg room.

While an adjustable desk is great for those who like to fidget, nothing makes a meeting proceed more quickly than having co-workers stand rather than sit. If you use a standing desk correctly you will have fewer muscle problems, an increased sense of well-being and energy, decreased fatigue and appetite – and keep your productivity steady.

One 2014 study in the International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health found that giving a bunch of desk jockeys sit-stand desks reduced their sedentary time by more than three hours a week.

Generous surface
What’s the big idea? Some of us just need more room. The MILK desk provides a generous surface and a beautifully clean canvas for ideas and discussions. With the MILK desk Grande, a bigger version of the MILK desk, you will have all the extra space you need. And for teamwork, the 4MILK desk provides the perfect workspace for teams to work together and achieve more.

Make it your own
The finish and size of your desktop, the color of the desktop stand and the color and material of your compartment top lids are all important details to make your desk your own. How you customize your ideal desk is entirely up to you. Choose from different options to suit your style, space and work pace. Express yourself with a desk customized and built for you.

Taking a be-here-now approach to the design and management of your literal and virtual desktops will contribute to stress relief and improved effectiveness at work. Your ideal way to the be-here-now approach - The MILK desk! 

Adjust your desk to your every need
Imagine a desk to fit your state of mind and body. The height adjustable MILK desk is ergonomic and responsive which helps conserve your energy for the important stuff.

With using a standing workstation, you will make a move toward improving your health. Research confirmed that sitting for long periods is linked with health problems, including obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.

The height adjustable MILK desk is the design world's answer to whistling while you work. It easily adapts to your needs and supports your health.

Reduce or eliminate clutter on your desktop
Clutter on the desktop is a big problem, because piles of paper and stacks of files block the free movement of "chi," or energy, through the workspace, effectively blocking you from achieving your goals.

Surrounding yourself with physical representations of all the things you have to do (articles to read, reports to edit, documents to file), not to mention all the things you take care of (the photo of your sailboat, your notebook, and electronic gadgets), can be extremely unproductive.

The more your horizontal surface is clear in front of you, the more opportunity you have to promote your creativity. The MILK desk supports this approach with up to four integrated compartments and a built-in slot along the front edge - and it also hides all your cables...

Reduce or eliminate cables on your desktop
Bluetooth technology enables you to use the most of your peripherals on your desktop, like your keyboard and mouse, your graphic tablet, your speakers and more, without cables. Additionally, you can use some helpful lifehacker techniques, like shorten lengthy cables, get under-desk cables off the floor with a wire basket, or use induction chargers for your gadgets.

Ideally, your desk offers a cable tray to hide away all power cables and offers a hidden multiple socket outlet to get rid of the main power cables. With an integrated cord management system to invisibly connect your peripherals to your computer or to your power adapters, and integrated compartments to hide away gadgets that you don’t need at the moment, your path to a nearly perfectly cable-free desktop is clear.

The designer - Søren Rose
Running his own design studio has been a life long dream. In his earlier years, he started companies for which he worked as the Creative Director (In2media), now one of Scandinavia’s leading web agencies; and Trunk Archive, today’s premier photographer archive that was recently sold to investors. These very different ventures have taught him a lot about niches, branding and running a business.

In 2008 he decided not to be involved with the daily operations of these companies, and to fully dedicate himself to starting a design agency. He spring loaded the Studio’s start by launching the MILK table. It received overwhelming acclaim from both clients and press, so with several full sketchbooks in hand, he jumped into this awesome industry.

"The desks’ lamborghini"
— Berlingske (Danish National Newspaper)

"It’s every Mac user’s dream…a desk that looks like it’s custom built by Steve Jobs himself"
— workified

"The MILK table. A beautiful and more clinical height-adjustable table is hard to find"

"MILK Desk is an avant-garde work place you can dream of"
— luxurylaunches

"MILK Redefines The Perfect Desk"
— inventorspot

"The MILK Desk: Designed for Your Mac"
— apartmenttherapy

"MILK is the Desk Dreams are Made of"
— Gizmodo

and many many more...